Private Yoga Instruction

Private instruction enables you to delve deep into the practice and ensures safety through close attention and proper alignment. One-on-one, you can have all your questions answered and progress through a directed program to accomplish your goals.

Ali welcomes new students with a pre-practice consultation, in which IMG_6227students identify their goals and intention for the lessons. Ali designs a series of postures and exercises according to student objectives, and constantly adapts the program to fit their progress. She follows up lessons with at-home exercises to work on and written feedback when applicable. Each session builds off the previous one, integrating yoga philosophy and insight so that students advance while gaining a fundamental understanding of how and why yoga works.

Students may elect for an at-home practice, or rent space at Karma Yoga Studio, 1120 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA, or at one of Breather’s Boston locations.

“Ali is a masterful yoga teacher. She set exactly the right pace for my lesson, knew exactly how far to push me, and suggested exactly the right adjustments for each exercise. She does a wonderful job balancing both the stretching aspects in yoga and proper breathing. She is very professional, and clearly cares that her students learn yoga the right way while enjoying it too. The lesson with her was really terrific! I look forward to continuing to learn from her.” – Bharat A.

Get started today! You may contact Ali at (781)248-2219,, or fill out an interest form and have her get back to you.

Private Instruction Interest Form