About Ali

Boston-native and 200hr certified Instructor, Ali Singer is ranked as the number one yoga coaches in Massachusetts on Coachup.com. She teaches regular group classes at Karma Yoga Studio on Newbury St. and Commonwealth Sports Club. Focused on providing clear instructions, Ali’s classes are known to welcome all levels of experience and ability. Through precise language and vocal resonance, she advances students to deep levels of concentration in their practice. Ali specializes in lessons for individuals and organizations, helping students accomplish their goals through the practice of yoga. In her quest to make yoga accessible for all, Ali regularly organizes free and donation-based classes around Boston. Ali is the creator of Yoga Hub, Boston’s community of yoga teachers and students. To read Ali’s full bio, please click here.

New to yoga?

Many people are inhibited to start practicing yoga because they’ve never done it before. Don’t let your fear of the unknown prevent you from a new experience. Start here to get answers and learn how this practice works for you.

 Yoga FAQ