Happy Students

“Ali is an AMAZING and IMPRESSIVE COACH!! The training session pushed to achieve! I could tell I was reaching higher levels of performance BUT I was completely thankful and extremely happy that my old injuries did not become sore the next day! Thank You!!!” – Kevin T. (CoachUp client)
“I just had my first yoga training session with Ali and she was great. Ali is extremely positive, has such a supportive presence and really focused on what I was trying to achieve. I have trained with several instructors in the past and Ali is one of the best. She tailored my training to the goals I wanted to achieve and I am looking forward to our next session!” Patrick C. (CoachUp client)
“We had a great session with Ali and have booked more. We discussed our specific problems, addressed them during the session and found immediate relief from aches and pains. We felt relaxed and had clearly worked out our core muscles, which is important to us. We took away valuable information for every day practice and look forward to learning more.” – Lisa G. (CoachUp client)
“Ali is a masterful yoga teacher. She set exactly the right pace for my lesson, knew exactly how far to push me, and suggested exactly the right adjustments for each exercise. She does a wonderful job balancing both the stretching aspects in yoga and proper breathing. She is very professional, and clearly cares that her students learn yoga the right way while enjoying it too. The lesson with her was really terrific! I look forward to continuing to learn from her.” – Bharat A. (CoachUp client)
 Ali was amazing, highly recommend!” – Paris H. (CoachUp client)
 “I booked a 90 min 1 on 1 session with Ali with the goal of gaining an understanding of the fundamentals of yoga and to start developing my own practice. Ali was professional, knowledgeable, and fun. During the session I was able to practice as well as work on some advanced poses. Ali even took it upon herself to send me a framework, for my own practice, with detailed descriptions of each pose. I really enjoyed the session and would definitely recommend Ali to anyone looking learn more about yoga.” – Sami N. (CoachUp client)
“Ali is great. Very conscientious about what you are looking for and takes the practice seriously- really a great balance between strength and restorative and helped me with concentrating on my breath. I’ll be seeing her regularly!!” – Rani N. (CoachUp client)
“Coach Ali is the best! She will cater the workout to your needs! Highly recommend.” – David W. (CoachUp client)
“Coach Ali is great. Very attentive,kind and knowledgeable. Looking forward to more sessions. I’d highly recommend her.” – Daniel A. (CoachUp client)
“Ali is a wonderful teacher. She has quickly expanded my understanding of my practice, and helped me think about the vast potential I still have. I have really enjoyed our sessions.” – James L . (CoachUp client)
“My girlfriend and I loved our time with Coach Ali. She was fun, friendly, and supportive: helping us really enjoy our yoga and kickstart a serious workout plan. We would highly recommend her for anybody, regardless of their comfort level with yoga. She really is the best!” – Zach S. (CoachUp client)
 “Coach Ali has been great to work with! She has always listened to me and has taken how I am feeling on a day to day basis into account when putting together our workouts. She’s encouraging and is attentive throughout practice, always making sure I’m aligned correctly. Anybody looking to hone their yoga skills would be well served working with Ali. Even if yoga isn’t your primary focus and you’re using it as a way to better prepare for other events (as is the case with me), it’s hugely beneficial and a great coach like Ali can help a lot.” – Tim J. (CoachUp client)

“I am a fan! Ali was responsive in organizing our sessions, on time and prepared when we met, and encouraging in all the right ways throughout. Plus, turns out she’s darn good at this yoga stuff. 🙂 I would recommend.” – Coleman M. (CoachUp client)

“Ali is a talented and thoughtful yoga instructor. She quickly perceived my level and goals, and she designed a really good program to suit my objectives. She’s a great coach.” – Toby M. (CoachUp client)
“I love Ali’s classes. My whole life I’ve struggled with achieving a clear mind during my practice. Ali’s direction throughout the practice soothes, refocuses and motivates me. For the first time now (after 10 years since I was first introduced to yoga) I can say that I love yoga and benefit greatly from each practice.” – Stephanie S. (Corporate student)

“Ali is always really tuned with what YOUR body needs and knows how to guide you through each move and/or sequence. My friends and I love her classes!” –

Ally A. (Corporate student)
“I consider myself a pretty active individual and wanted to try yoga for the associated physical/mental benefits. However, I was hesitant to take a class as I never like being out of my element or not knowing what I’m doing. I knew going to a yoga class with zero experience would be awkward. I didn’t know if I would get weird looks walking into a yoga class as a man, or what sort of poses I would be expected to know (I knew none). So, I called Ali. Our session was more comfortable (she is a consummate professional with a warm presence), convenient (she came to my apartment at a time that worked best for me), and helpful (I was extremely confident entering my first yoga class after my session with Ali), then I ever could have imagined. Now yoga is an important part of my life and it might never had become so if not for Ali!” – Dean C. (Private client)
“Ali is a passionate, caring and gifted yoga instructor. She pays close attention to students’ personal needs and interests by customizing her lessons to make them as productive as possible. She’s very enthusiastic and her positive energy infectiously spread to my own yoga practice. She was able to focus on the best combination of postures which helped mitigate the deleterious effects of an uncomfortable sports injury to my back. Ali incorporates the best of numerous styles of yoga which she builds into her lessons to deliver optimal results. It’s clear she cares deeply about how she can be a value-added resource by helping students incorporate yoga into improving their lives. I am consistently impressed by the extent of Ali’s knowledge base and the way she applies that knowledge to help others.” – William S. (Private client)
“I do yoga to eliminate chronic pain in my joints. Ali’s teaching method provides long lasting relief. She has a gentle touch, melodic voice, and moves smoothly through poses. I always feel refreshed and relaxed after Ali’s classes.” – Cindy S. (Private client)

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