Corporate Yoga

Research studies show that yoga, along with promoting physical health, improves mental clarity, increases energy, and enhances emotional well-being. The holistic benefits and inclusive appeal are why Fortune 500 companies like HBO, Forbes, and Apple offer on-site yoga classes for their employees. Companies that provide on-site yoga services have a competitive edge in recruiting and retaining talent by enabling employees to fit healthy habits into their busy schedule. Some businesses incorporate yoga services as an affordable means of marketing goodwill to customers and associates.

IMG_5698There are a number of options for offering mindful practices to your community, including yoga classes, guided meditation, and breath technique workshops. Ali accommodates company preferences by developing a unique program for each client, aiming for maximum appeal amongst the individuals in each group. She provides yoga to a growing number of organizations, who have augmented their wellness program through her service.

To learn more about corporate yoga services with Ali, you may contact her directly at (781)248-2219,, or start by filling out an interest form to have her reach out to you.

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