Wisdom through Balance

Our world exists in polarities: sun and moon, day and night, active and passive, hot and cold, masculine and feminine, or yang and yin. The challenge is to find equilibrium between extremes, as balance purveys the wisdom between opposing forces. Understand the inherent qualities of yin and yang in order to shift habitual imbalances within yourself and the world.

Yang is the bold energy that taps into strength and heat to activate directed progression toward a specific goal or outcome. Yang is moving and masculine; it is the power of the sun that we possess in our solar plexus chakra, bestowing self-confidence and energy for accomplishing tasks. Yang is anatomically linked with the left side of the brain and hones logic and reason to inspire action. Yang is cultivated through our drive for personal success; a surplus can lead to anger and violence upon others.

Yin is passive and absorbent. It is the subtle flowing energy that links us with universal intelligence to inspire creativity, comfort, and communal bond. Yin is feminine mother nature, inviting intuition through our crown chakra, granting love and esteem for others’ lives. It affords endless vitality for what is right and good, and plays in the right side of our brains. Our natural earthly connection supports a healthy dose of yin; a surplus can lead to fear and self-harm

Yin and yang infiltrate all areas of our lives. Their interplay is the magnetizing force which attracts opposites and creates powerful bonds. Practice equal love for yourself and others to have healthy relationships. Embrace these polarities in business, and enable yourself to accomplish what is needed for the highest good. Have an equal appreciation for technology and nature to operate at the highest level of your human existence. Find equilibrium, and experience true love with authentic power.

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